Michigan Lottery Promo Code: Enter PLAYMAX (Jul 2024)

Michigan Lottery Promo Code 2019 PLAYMAX

At the Michigan Lottery, you have the opportunity to choose from over 100 different games to play and win money, including Keno games, Mega Millions and Powerball.

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Bonus & Offers details
  • First deposit bonus: 15$ + 50% up to $200 on your first 2 deposit
Expires on: 31-12-2024
Last check: 2 days ago

If you are opening a new account on the MI lottery, you can use a promotional code to unlock some very interesting bonuses, including free money. Currently, with the Michigan Lottery promo code PLAYMAX, you will get a welcome bonus of up to $415. This means that you will receive this amount free of charge to play and try to win more!

Guide you through the benefits of utilizing this promotional code, detailing its specific terms and conditions, as well as the instructions on how to set up a Michigan Lottery account to take full advantage of the promo code.

Learn more about the benefits of using this Mi lottery promo code for new users below.

Michigan Lottery Promo Code for June 2024

We are an official partner of Michigan Lottery and provide verified Michigan Lottery Promo Code. You can find the main information about new customer promotions below.

MI Lottery welcome offerDetails
Registration Bonus$15 free bets
Deposit Bonusup to $415
Promo codePLAYMAX
Minimum Deposit$10
Last updatedjune 2024

Michigan Lottery Registration Terms & Conditions

Before creating an account with the michigan lottery, we recommend that you read the terms and conditions. This will prevent you from wasting time creating an account that will later be rejected or banned. Here’s a summary of key stipulations:

  • The creation of an account is restricted to individuals who are at least 18 years of age.
  • A physical presence in Michigan is required for making deposits or purchasing lottery tickets.
  • Proof of age and identity must be readily available upon request, including the last four digits of your Social Security Number.
  • Accounts showing no activity for a period of 36 months will be subject to closure.
  • Compliance with all applicable state, local, and federal regulations is mandatory.
  • Accuracy and truthfulness of all provided information is a necessity.

For a comprehensive understanding of the Michigan Lottery online promo code, it’s recommended to consult the T&C section provided.

Michigan lottery deposit bonus for new customer

Welcome offer get a 50% match + $15 Free on your first two deposits

The deposit offer to which you are entitled upon registration with the MI lottery promo code PLAMAX, offers you $15 free + 50% of your first 2 deposits on the platform in cash, up to $200 maximum per deposit.

This means that after depositing $100 on the platform, the Michigan Lottery will credit your player account for $154 + 50% (half) of the amount you added. In our case, you will have added $100 and will be able to play with an additional $50, for a total of $165.

The $15 registration bonus is automatically credited to your MI account when you sign-up with and make your first deposit. This is a classic sign-up bonus, and you can take advantage of it by creating an MI Lottery online account for the first time.

The 50% on 2 first deposit bonuses are also automatically credited when you make the first purchase on the website or mobile app. This offer is a unique opportunity to drastically increase your chances of leaving with more money than when you arrived!

How to get Michigan Lottery Welcome Bonuses?

Creating a Michigan Lottery online account is simple, secure and takes no more than 5 minutes. To ensure you receive your registration bonus, we have created a small step-by-step guide.

  1. Go to the Michigan Lottery website or app and click on “Register”.
  2. Add your e-mail address and a strong password.
  3. Add Michigan Lottery Promo Code PLAYMAX.

Add PLAYMAX in the "Promo Code" field of michigan lottery registration form

  1. Verification of your email by entering the 6-digit code sent by MI Lottery (wait 5 minutes and check your spam).

add 6 digit code your received by email

  1. Input your first name and last name.
  2. Pick your gender.
  3. Pick your date of birth
  4. Add your address information.
  5. Input the last 4 digits of your SSN (Social Security Number).
  6. Input your mobile phone number.
  7. Tick “I certify that I am at least 18
  8. Click the yellow button labeled “SUBMIT” to conclude this part of the registration.

complete the form with your personnal informations

Use the Michigan Lottery Deposit Promo Code

Your account is now active, but there is still one step to take before you receive your welcome bonus. Make your first deposit. To ensure you receive your 2 first deposit bonuses, we have created the next step-by-step guide.

  1. Go to the Michigan Lottery website or app
  2. Go to the menu in the corner and click on “Sign In”.
  3. Enter the “Username” and “Password” you cinfgured previously.
  4. Go in the menu and click on “Make Deposit

Sign in on your MI Lottery account

  1. Choose a payment method for your first deposit. You can use Credit/Debit card, PayPal, Online Game Card and Bank Transfer.
  2. Complete your payment information.
  3. Enter at least $10 to activate the bonus ($5 free) and at most $400 to claim the maximum bonus ($200 free)
  4. Enter your deposit code PLAYMAX in the Deposit Promo Code entry field.

enter the michicgan lottery deposit promo code playmax in the field

  1. Review your transaction and click submit.
  2. You will get a summary of your transaction on the confirmation page and see your rewards.
  3. The bonus is credited to your account immediately after the platform has received your funds.

Get the maximum welcome bonus

To receive the maximum bonus of $415, you must make an initial deposit of $400 and a second deposit of $400. In this way, you will receive a bonus of $200 twice and $15 free. Allowing you to start playing with $1,215 instead of $800.

Here’s how to get the maximum $415 bonus on your MI lottery account:

  1. Within 23:59 of registering on the Michigan Lottery platform with the promo code PLAYMAX, you must make your first deposit of $400.
  2. The lottery will instantly add your funds to your player account, along with the 50% bonus. So you will have $600 available after depositing $400.
  3. Once your funds have arrived, repeat the operation by adding another $400 to your account.
  4. Make sure you make 2 separate deposits, as the bonus is capped at $200 per deposit. If you deposit $800 all at once, you will only receive a $200 bonus.

At the end of the day, you will have added 2 times $400, so a total of $800, and you will have received an additional $400. You’ll be able to play peacefully with $1,200.

What can I do if the bonus doesn’t work?

If you’ve adhered to the steps outlined but your Michigan Lottery promo code hasn’t been activated, here’s what you might consider doing next:

  1. Ensure Accuracy of the Promo Code: Misentries are a common issue. Verify the promo code’s spelling. For accuracy, it’s advisable to copy and paste the code directly into the registration field.
  2. Utilize a Different Browser: Sometimes, browser-specific issues can prevent code activation. Trying another web browser may resolve the issue.
  3. Switch Devices: If you’re registering via a desktop computer, switching to a mobile device could help. The Michigan Lottery’s platform is optimized for mobile use as well.
  4. Download the Official MI Lottery App: The Michigan Lottery app may offer a more seamless registration process. Downloading and registering through the app could circumvent any issues encountered on the website.
  5. Geolocation: If you are not physically in Michigan to register, no promo code will be available.
  6. Reach Out for Support: If you’ve tried the above without success, the Michigan Lottery customer support team is ready to assist.

These steps should help resolve any issues with activating your promo code, ensuring you can enjoy the Michigan Lottery offerings without further delay.

Michigan Lottery promotions for existing customer in Jul, 2024

Welcome bonuses are meant to attract new players – the existing bonuses are there to make sure that players stick around.

Happy players tend to become loyal players, so you can expect a great and immersive betting experience with plenty of promotions and bonuses to take part in. There are also many on-going competitions and always a reason to log in to the platform!

The following offers do not require a Michigan promo code to participate.

Daily Spins To Win

Michigan Lottery Promo Code 2019 PLAYMAX

More than $5000 are given away each month as part of this promotion.

Players just need to open up Daily Spin to Win from the account menu and they can claim their FREE spin! Prizes are automatically credited to your account and can be seen under “My Bonuses” in the account menu.

We refer to the website for the terms and conditions for this offer or the customer service agents who will be standing by to assist you with any questions you might have.

Below you can see the last prize winners and one day, your name will be in this table:

May 2024Coming soon$5,000 CashComing Soon
April 2024Robbie R.$5,000 CashGladwin
March 2024Dana H.$5,000 CashWarren
February 2024Wayne B.$5,000 CashBarbeau
January 2024Bill A.$5,000 CashWashington

Big Cash 2nd chance jackpot

Big Cash the second chance jackpot

Each month, you can win a big cash prize of $5000 on this jackpot.

With each new month, the drawing cycle begins anew, setting the Jackpot Prize back to its initial $5,000. A part of the wagers placed on select games contributes to a progressive jackpot. This jackpot is awarded during a monthly second-chance drawing.

Importantly, for every $0.50 you bet, you earn one entry into that month’s Big Cash 2nd Chance Jackpot. To monitor your chances, you can visit the “my entries” section. However, please be patient, as it may take up to 72 hours for all of your entries to be displayed.

We refer to the website for more details about terms and conditions of the jackpot.

Michigan Lottery games reviews

You may know this already, but just to reiterate, Michigan Lottery does not operate as a regular online casino platform. This is due to the regulations that are currently in place in Michigan state, and it is these regulations that dictate how the site is actually set up. With that being said, there are many different gaming categories supported by Michigan Lottery, and these include Keno, Second Chance, Draw, Instant, Pull Tab, and Fast Cash. These can seem a little confusing if you’ve never come across them before, so please, allow us to explain.


The best way to explain how Keno works is that it is very similar to bingo. There are usually numbers between 1 and 80 involved in the game, and you must purchase a ticket to participate, just like you would when entering a game of bingo. Once everybody has purchased a ticket, the draw unfolds, and you must then wait and see if you are a winner.

Second Chance

As the name of this type of game might suggest, these games offer a second chance for those who have entered another game on the site yet they didn’t win anything. This is where you can receive a second chance with an entry into any of the list of games within this section. While this is true for the lottery-based games, there are also a series of scratchcard style games that you can play as well.


These games can come in all shapes and sizes really, yet they primarily operate as a lottery type format. Within the draw section of the Michigan Lottery site, you can enter some of the larger lotteries such as Powerball and Mega Millions, but there are also smaller lotteries too. With some of the smaller games, you can purchase a ticket for just 50 cents, so it doesn’t cost much to participate either.


As far as online casino games go, this is the closest thing that the Michigan Lottery offers to the real thing. You won’t find traditional video slots or games like roulette and blackjack in this section, but there are usually some scratch cards and other gaming types available. Just like all of the other gaming sections with Michigan Lottery, you must actually spend real money to play, and there are real cash prizes. The reason that they are referred to as ‘instant’ games is that you don’t need to wait for any kind of draw to be held, you can simply click and play.

Pull Tab

Interestingly, some of the titles in this section are what you would find for video slots, although they aren’t. You must still purchase a ticket just like the other sections, and it can cost anything from $1 to $5 to take part. Some of the more prominent games within this section include Godzilla and Break the Bank.

Fast Cash

Once again, the clue is kind of in the name here. After purchasing a ticket for any of the games, you will be in with a shot at some huge multiplier winnings. The multipliers go as high as 100x the initial stake here, and there are progressive games too, where the jackpots are larger than $120,000 at the time of writing.

Full access to games

It is a common complaint of online gaming site members that the entire library of games is never available from the mobile app. There is a certain degree of truth behind these complaints as well, however, Michigan Lottery is not a site that will fall under this description. One of the best aspects of the mobile app is that you can engage in any of the gaming types that we’ve mentioned previously, showing that the entire selection is available.

While you can enjoy full access to all of the games, it’s also admirable that the quality of these games has not been compromised on the mobile app. Therefore, you can not only enjoy the entire selection, but you can also enjoy the same quality of gameplay that you can on the desktop site.

Michigan Lottery Winning Strategies

While it’s true that winning lottery games relies heavily on luck, there are a few strategies you can employ that will greatly increase your chances of winning.

Follow hottest numbers

One of the best ways that you can increase your chances of winning a lottery is by following the hottest numbers. A lottery’s hottest numbers are those that are typically more drawn than others or that have a higher chance of being drawn. Below are some of the hottest lottery numbers.

4Drawn 91 times
10Drawn 89 times
11Drawn 93 times
20Drawn 98 times

When it comes to choosing lottery numbers, they are often characterized as hot and cold numbers. To put it simply, hot numbers are numbers that are drawn frequently, while cold numbers are numbers that are not drawn frequently or do not appear frequently.

Be consistent

When playing lottery games, one of the best ways that you can improve your chances of winning is by remaining consistent. And, the more tickets you buy, the higher your chances of winning. However, you should properly manage your bankroll so you do not spend more than you can afford to lose.

Choose smaller lottery games that have fewer numbers to choose from

When you choose smaller games with fewer numbers, the odds are better, and your chances of winning are higher.

Customer support

You can contact them through various channels:

  • Phone: Call 1 (844) 917-6325 for direct assistance.
  • Contact Form: Submit your query at emailus.michiganlottery.com/support/tickets/new/.

Social Media: Engage with customer support on Facebook at www.facebook.com/MichiganLottery/ or Twitter at www.twitter.com/MILottery.

Banking Options

While players might not find the biggest selection of payment methods to choose from, they will be happy to find the most popular ones!

MethodSecurityMin/MaxSpeed processing
ACH-Bank transferSecure$10 / $50,000Funds are deposited within 3-5 business days after approval.
CheckFairly secure$10 / $50,000A few days.
PayPalSecure$10 / $50,0002-4 business days.
Visa / MasterCardSecure$10 / $2,0001 business day.
Retail voucherSecure$10 / Depend of the storeA few minutes.

After signing up for an account and starting to play online lottery games, you’ll want to know the process for collecting your winnings.

For wins up to $600, the amount is automatically credited to your Michigan online lottery account. For prizes exceeding $600 but less than $50,000, you’ll need to file an online claim. To do this, navigate to the “My Account” tab on the Michigan online lottery website and follow the provided instructions. You’ll be required to submit your Social Security Card and a government-issued photo ID.

If your winnings exceed $50,000, you must file an online claim and visit the Michigan Lottery headquarters in Lansing. Winners will receive an email from the Michigan Lottery with detailed instructions on how to proceed.

Once these steps are completed and the funds are in your account, you can withdraw them at any time, with a minimum withdrawal amount of $10.

Manually scan tickets

This is quite a cool feature of the mobile app, and it’s certainly a welcomed degree of convenience. Given that Michigan Lottery actually guides members to go and purchase lottery tickets away from the platform, they have chosen to implement this feature to allow members to make full use of the app. When you purchase a lottery ticket, there will always be a code somewhere on the ticket where you can check if you are a winner or not.

Previously, you would need to go into a local store and scan the ticket to see if you are a winner. This is a thing of the past once you have downloaded the Michigan Lottery app, as you can scan tickets directly there. As you can imagine, this can save a lot of time and a lot of effort in the long run.

Top 3 Alternatives to the Michigan Lottery

Pennsylvania Lottery

The Pennsylvania Lottery website has many great lotteries to choose from like Michigan Lottery, but the platform also offers a great welcome bonus where players can get their first deposit matched. They also have a mobile application that is well developed and really easy to install. Although, you should know that they do not have a big variety of games and this could be the main reason not to choose this platform. And good news there is a special PA Lottery bonus code available for new customers. Discover how to get it in this video:

PA Lottery Bonus Code

New Hampshire Lottery

For those of you who are looking for an immersive betting experience where there is always a great chance to win on one of the many lotteries, then this might be the platform for you! The platform is very user-friendly and offers some great bonuses for brand new players to the platform. Unfortunately, they do not have a mobile application, which we think is a strong disadvantage, especially in comparison to the competitors.


This Lottery could be as well an alternative for you. Although they have a great variety of games, they don’t have yet any special offer or bonus for new or even existing players. Keep in mind though that they will have real soon. For the moment you can play games, enter the lottery and navigate at a very pleasant and user-friendly platform. To be honest, the other options we offer you have a better variety of games and of course bonuses.


Q. Can I access my Michigan Lottery account through a mobile app?

Yes, Michigan Lottery has a mobile app that can be downloaded for iOS and Android operating systems. You can even create your account directly from this mobile app. In order to actually install the app and for it to work the best, you must be running an Android 5.0+ device or an iOS 10+ device.

Q. Is there anything I must do before being able to play the games?

Yes, and to get the obvious out the way, first of all, you will need to actually create an account with Michigan Lottery before you can participate in any of the games. This can be done directly through the desktop site or through the mobile app, although if you are going to use the site from the desktop page, you will need to enable Flash before the games will work efficiently. This might seem old school, but this is just the case as things stand.

Q. Can I set my own restrictions on the account?

Yes, as Michigan Lottery is dedicated to ensuring that all members of the site can gamble responsibly, and this is a feature that it has recently implemented. After logging in to your account you can set restrictions for the length of time you play, how much you can deposit, and how much you can actually spend in any one gaming session. This provides plenty of options for you to ensure that your gambling remains fun and that you do not lose control.

Q. Is it quite easy to cash out my winnings?

Absolutely, and Michigan Lottery has many different ways you can actually withdraw winnings from your account. To name a few of the more popular ones, Michigan Lottery supports withdrawals via PayPal, bank transfers, and back to major debit and credit card providers. There is no stipulated amount that you must withdraw for it to be accepted, which provides even more flexibility for when you decide to cash in your funds, as well as how much you decide to ultimately cash out.

Q. How can I be sure that this is a legitimate site?

Michigan Lottery is the official online lottery site of Michigan state, and it has the full backing of the relevant government authorities to provide the services which it does. With that in mind, if you’re still a bit unsure, and if you are concerned about protection, the site also uses SSL encryption to shield members’ data.

Q. How old do I have to be to create an account?

Players need to be at least 18 years of age when they sign up for an account on the Michigan Lottery website to be eligible to participate in the many lotteries. We advise players to research the local gambling laws to make sure they also comply with these.

Q. Is it legal to play on the Michigan Lottery platform?

Yes. The lotteries are regulated by the state and the platform holds all the necessary licenses required to run lotteries and other chance or betting games. Players do not need to worry when they are using the platform that is for sure!

Q. How long does it take for a deposit to arrive in my account?

It really depends on the payment solution used. Deposits made using a credit card or a debit card will usually arrive at your account within a few moments. We refer to the customer service department and the website for further information about the processing time for deposits using other payment solutions.

Q. Can I use Bitcoin on Michigan Lottery?

No. Bitcoin is unfortunately not yet supported as a payment solution on The Michigan Lottery platform. As demand grows, the platform will hopefully adopt it as a new payment method. It would also attract all Bitcoin users to the platform.

Commercial Content / 21+ Responsible Gambling.

The validity period of the Michigan Lottery Promo Code PLAYMAX: 31/12/2024

last update : July 2024