Michigan Lottery review: What does it have to offer?

Out of all the Michigan Lottery reviews available, don’t look any further. This article will answer all the questions you may have.

Michigan Lottery Online Games Review: Tickets and Prizes Available

The Michigan Lottery provides an array of online and in-store games suited for all types of customers. You can choose from the following game types:

  • Instant
  • Draw
  • Second Chance
  • Keno
  • Fast Cash

The top prizes of the games vary between $100 and $4,000,000. That is not including the jackpot prizes of Mega Millions and Powerball games that are currently as high as $85 million.

You can play many of the games online and on the mobile app, but there are a hundred and forty-eight others you can only buy at a retailer. You can only buy tickets online for in-store games like Powerball, Lotto 47, Fantasy 5, and Mega Millions.

Deposit and Winning Limits

Each game you play, whether it’s online or in-store, has win limits. The amounts of the top prizes for each game are different, and you can see them below the game logo or in the detailed description of the game.

You can set deposit limits for your account once you verified it. The original limit after registration is $505. You may change that at any time, but keep in mind that while lowering limits takes immediate effect if you wish to raise them, the changes will take effect after forty-eight hours.

Promotions We Can Benefit From

michigan lottery welcome bonus

The MI Lottery offers an exclusive Welcome Offer to all the new customers. If you register with a specific promo code, you get Free Games of Treetop Treasures and up to $100 bonus. You only have to register a new account, add funds to it and play any Instant or Draw games. Once you complete these requirements, you get a 50% deposit bonus and the free Treetop Treasures games. Use Michigan Lottery promo code PLAYMAX when signing up.

Other popular promotions you can take part in are:

  • Let’s Play Giveaway
  • Daily Spin to Win
  • In-Store coupon offers

Common FAQs

Q: How can I get in touch with the MI Lottery’s support team?

A: There are two ways to contact customer support. One is reaching them on the 24/7 phone number, and the other is by submitting a ticket to through the Support Center.


Q: How do I withdraw my winnings?

A: Go to My Account>Details>Withdraw Funds. Follow the instructions and withdraw either by bank transfer, PayPal, or voucher.


Q: What is the maximum amount I can withdraw?

A: The maximum limit is different for each method. For bank transfers and PayPal requests, the limit is $50,000, and for Withdraw Vouchers, the maximum amount is $200.


Q: Where can I receive additional offers and promotions?

A: You can opt-in to receive special offers while signing up via SMS and e-mail. If you are already a member, you can contact the support team to change your notification preferences.


Q: Can I claim my prize via mail?

A: Yes, you can. If you won more than $600 and less than $50,000, you can mail the necessary documentation to the Lottery’s P.O. box and expect to receive your winnings if the Ticket Receipt Form is accepted.


Q: Where can I claim my prize?

A: If the amount of the prize is less than $600, you can claim it at any MI Lottery retailer if they have it on-hand. If the amount is above $600, you can claim it at a Lottery regional office or a designated claim center. Prizes above $50,000 can only be claimed at the Lottery’s headquarters.


Q: How can I check if I have a winning ticket?

A: You can use the ticket scanner feature of the mobile app or go to a retailer and have them check for you.


Q: Can I play outside of Michigan?

A: No, you can’t.


Q: Is the Lottery legal?

A: Yes, it is. But only within Michigan state lines.

Michigan Lottery Review: Extra Features

My User Experience

The website platform is easy-to-navigate; you don’t waste much time locating the essential menus. The website design can use a modern update, but otherwise, the overall experience was solid. I didn’t have any trouble with the games or the loading times.


Michigan Lottery provides streaming for only one game – Club Keno. You can watch the drawings on the website and mobile apps every day from 6 AM until 2 AM. There are new draws approximately every two-hundred and ten seconds (three and a half minutes). You can only play this game in-store, which means you can’t buy tickets online. You can only watch the drawings online.

Mobile Alternatives

michigan lottery mobile app

The Michigan Lottery app review will tell you more about the mobile tools in their belt. They offer two mobile alternatives – a mobile site and an app. You can download the app on both Android and iOS devices by following the instructions on the website. The mobile apps are user-friendly and easy-to-navigate. They have unique features, such as:

  • Ticket scanner
  • Daily Spin to Win game
  • Watch live drawings

You can play all the games you could typically play on the desktop site and even buy tickets for the big jackpot games (Lotto47, Fantasy 5, Powerball and Mega Millions).

MI Lottery’s Best Features

Some of the best features offered by the Michigan Lottery are:

  1. Live Keno Drawings
  2. Unique Welcome Offer
  3. Second Chance Games
  4. Mobile App
  5. Number Tools

You can use each of these features to your advantage. For example, the Second Chance games offer you the opportunity to play again, even if your ticket lost. The “number tools” provide you with all past drawings and hot/cold numbers. And finally, the exclusive Welcome Offer gives new customers a bonus to start them off.

Pros & Cons List

Pros (+)

Cons (-)

  • Simplistic mobile app
  • Could use more promotions
  • Live Keno drawings
  • Outdated website and app designs
  • High top prizes
  • Not all games are available online
  • Second chance games available
  • Only for Michigan residents

Michigan Lottery Review – Our Final Thoughts

The Michigan Lottery has many exciting features to provide us. We most like the live Keno drawings for mobile and desktop, the user-friendly mobile app, and the Second Chance games. There are a few things they need to work on, such as the site and app designs, a variety of promotions, and being able to play all games online, not only a few. Many Michigan Lottery online reviews, like us, may conclude that the operator is worth exploring despite the negative aspects of the analysis. If you are a Michigan resident, you won’t regret trying out the site and seeing for yourself.