PA Lottery Review

Read on for our full report on the PA Lottery platform.

PA Lottery Review: Games & Slots Available

PA Lottery is an interesting platform, as they aren’t what you could call a ‘traditional online casino’. Rather than hosting a bunch of video slots and table games, they have a bit more of a miscellaneous product offering, which we will discuss in greater detail through this piece. In terms of the total range of games, they have close to 70 available, which is admirable for a site that didn’t launch all that long ago.


We hate to disappoint you all, but PA Lottery doesn’t appear to have any video slots listed in their gaming catalog at all. We have to say that this took us by surprise, especially given that slot gaming is usually the main product that an online casino site has.


Bingo is available with PA Lottery, but it isn’t exactly an extensive offering. There is just the one bingo specific title available, which is Ballroom Bingo. This means that there are no live competitions, no community chat boxes during the game, or any of that stuff. What they do have however is a small variety of Slingo games, which kind of give you a blend of bingo and slots rolled into one.

Available promotions

The available welcome offer right now with PA Lottery gives all new customers a $5 free bet, with no deposit required whatsoever. They haven’t stopped there though, for they are currently offering a 100% first deposit match too, where the total boost available is an impressive $250.


How do I know if I am eligible for the bonus?

Easy – if you’ve never held an account with PA Lottery before, you will be eligible for the stated welcome offer.

Can I also access this bonus from a mobile app?

Yes, for PA Lottery has a very reasonable mobile app that can be downloaded for both Android and iOS. From this app, you can access the welcome offer just like you would from the desktop page.

What are the best games that PA Lottery has?

Some of the best games that PA Lottery currently has are James Bond 007, Double Your Luck, and Jungle Tumble.

Are there any sports betting markets on the site?

No, PA Lottery does not have any sort of sports betting available on its platform.

What are some of the jackpot games that they have?

There are a few scratchcard games on the site where you can win up to $250,000, and then you can also participate in the lottery from the site.

Does PA Lottery have a good customer support team?

PA Lottery has three main contact methods – instant chat, email, and a toll-free number.

Does the site require that I download software to play?

No, there is no need to download any software in order to play any of the games on the site.

What is the overall number of games that I can play?

As it stands, there are well over 50 games listed on the site, but they are constantly adding new titles to this selection.

PA Lottery Review: Additional Features

User Experience

Whether you are using the PA Lottery site from the desktop site or the mobile app, it is quite pleasing to the eye and the functionality is more than sufficient. We didn’t encounter any instances where the games failed to load, or where there was an issue in transferring winnings into the betting account. PA Lottery really seems to have the site fully operational, and we thought it was great that they have a direct link to ‘hot games’.


For the vast majority of the games with PA Lottery, you will be highly satisfied with the quality of the graphics. This is probably the case as more modern sites like PA Lottery have created the site with HTML5 coding, therefore there is less dependence on external software for performance.

We also didn’t find much difference in the graphics when initiating full-screen mode for the games. There are other platforms where the graphics are great when the gaming window is kept small, but then when you increase it the resolution goes way down. We didn’t find this at all with PA Lottery, and the various characters or symbols in the games were clear and crisp.

Mobile App

There is never a guarantee that a site has a functional mobile app for you to access, but PA Lottery certainly does. They’ve put together a mobile app for iOS and Android, and the app performance is arguably better than the desktop site.

They advertise the same welcome offer from the mobile app, which is good to see, and it means that you can completely bypass the desktop site if you prefer mobile gaming. We didn’t notice any discrepancies in games either between the desktop site and mobile app.

Thanks to various short links on the app, that can be opened up after clicking the menu button in the top left, it’s super easy to make your way around the site. If we were to change anything, it would be to make the games and other features a bit more spread out, as it does appear crowded on some pages.

Pros & Cons




Nice graphics on games

No live casino play

Very helpful and accessible customer support team

Zero slot games

Great site aesthetics

Doesn’t support poker play

Respectable range of casino games

Reload offers are regular but quite small


PA Lottery Review – Good Selection so Far

PA Lottery ticks many important boxes to be a good online betting site. They are fully licensed and regulated to provide a range of online games, which is critical for any site. They have also put together a decent selection of games ranging from scratchcards to keno, plus many other titles.

There are some clear things to improve on the site, mainly the absence of some staple casino games like slots and blackjack/roulette, but we are sure that the site is aware of this and will be trying to change this quickly.