Winstar online gaming promo code: Get a 400% bonus

Check out this Winstar online promo code post for some of the hottest offers available for this top-level gaming site – all offers fully updated and eligible for use until the end of 2024.

winstar online gaming promo code

Winstar Online Gaming promo code for 2024

The Winstar Online Casino platform is a site that is actually hosted in the state of Oklahoma, and unlike other casinos in the USA, this one doesn’t actually involve the use of real money. For this reason, many people consider the site to be much safer than others in the industry, as there is no risk for problem gambling, overspending, etc. With this said, there is the potential for optional purchases to get the most out of your experience, and this is what our Winstar Online Gaming promo code will reveal to you in the table below:

Reveal the Winstar Casino promo code by clicking the button above

So that you can get started with the Winstar Online Casino quickly, and with a nice little boost, you will need to click the promo code button that we’ve outlined in the table above. By clicking this promo code button, you will then ‘reveal the code’ to see what can be applied when you are registering. Do note that since the Winstar Online Casino isn’t a site where you can gamble with real money, the promo code will simply allow you to redeem an extra ‘virtual reward’ rather than receiving any kind of monetary incentive.

Note also that this promo code can only be applied by new customers who sign up with the Winstar Casino platform, as existing players will have a different set of bonuses and offers that they can qualify for. These are always shown in the promotions section of the Winstar Online Casino site, and the same promotions can be claimed through the desktop site as well as the mobile site.

Registering with the use of the Winstar Online Gaming promo code

As a brand new Winstar Online Casino customer, you will be given the opportunity to apply an exclusive promo code when signing up. Just to clarify, the promo code that can be viewed in the table above is the one that you will want to enter as a new customer, as this will grant you a nice welcome boost that is discussed in the sections below. However, besides entering the promo code, you need to know the exact steps to follow in order to create an online account in the first place. We’ve identified these steps for you below:

  • Click the promo code in the table to be taken directly to the website
  • Give your date of birth, full name, address, and contact number
  • Create your login details (new username and password)
  • Agree to the terms and conditions of the site
  • Finish the sign up process

Once again, since the Winstar Online Casino does not deal with real money, it is recommended that you apply the promo code during the sign up process. This is different from other sites where you will have the option to enter a promo code during the sign up process, and again when you are making your initial deposit.

Remember that you will never have a ‘real cash’ balance on the site, only virtual chips, so just keep this in mind.

Depositing some funds after successfully registering 

Despite the fact that Winstar Online Casino doesn’t permit real money wagering, it does allow on-site purchases to enhance your online gaming experience. In fact, this is precisely where the welcome reward comes into play, for you can get a 400% bonus on your initial ‘purchase’ on the site. Note that when you see the word purchases, this is relating to the amount of virtual cash or coins that you will receive on the site. With this in mind, deposits or ‘purchases’ as they are referred to on the site can be done through several methods:

  • American Express
  • Discover
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • PayPal

Just to confirm how the first deposit will work with Winstar Online Casino, you will get a 400% boost on the number of chips received with your first purchase. With that in mind, it is worth it to think about how many chips you would ideally like to start with, and then make the corresponding deposit. Keep in mind that however many chips you choose to initially purchase will be multiplied by 4, which should keep you enjoying the site for a healthy amount of time before needing to reload!

Understanding and meeting the pre-requirements of the sign up bonus

winstar online casino bonus

To confirm how the sign up bonus works with Winstar Online Casino – you will have the option to purchase virtual chips on the site, which can subsequently be used on the range of games that the site supports. At the time of writing, the only requirements to obtain the bonus are that you actually create a new Winstar Casino Online account, and then purchase a ‘chips package’ which is available on the site itself. With your very first purchase, you will be rewarded with 4x the amount of chips that you have actually purchased through any of the purchase methods.

This is actually the only requirement that you need to meet in order to obtain such a bonus, so as you can see, there are no complicated measures in place to grab your offer. If you click through to the site with the use of our promo code links in the first section, this step gets even easier, as the promo code will be instantly applied. This means that even if you forget to apply the promo code, it will still be entered into the box for you!

How to know when the bonus has been credited to your account

To understand when the bonus has actually been credited to your account, all you need to do is check your chips balance, and then double-check that it has been multiplied by 4 since this is what the welcome offer entails. To see this, you must actually be signed in to your Winstar Online Casino account, and then you should see the balance of your chips in the top right-hand corner of the page.

If you have decided to opt-in for notifications when signing up, you should also have received an email stating that your welcome offer has been credited to your account. In the rare event that your chips have not been increased by 400%, you can easily contact the Winstar Online Casino customer support team, who should be able to resolve the issue.

Sign up offer wagering requirements – all you need to know

Given that the Winstar Online Gaming site isn’t a site that allows you to gamble with real funds, you do not need to concern yourself with any kind of wagering requirements. These are only really applicable to sites where you are receiving an actual monetary reward when signing up, so this does clear up any kind of potential headache associated with the sign up offer. Not only are there zero wagering requirements for the welcome offer, but there are zero wagering requirements across all of the other bonuses too.

This is what makes the Winstar Online Gaming site quite appealing to use, as you can enjoy a bunch of games without getting caught up in a ton of complicated terms and conditions associated with real money bonuses.

What to do after using the Winstar sign up bonus

After you have been greeted by a 400% boost in the number of chips you can use when signing up, you are then ready to enjoy everything that the Winstar Online Gaming site has available. By now, you are obviously aware that the site does not have any games where you can potentially enjoy any real monetary rewards, but there’s still a bunch of action to get going with on this platform. Here are the key elements of the site that you should explore once you’ve opened a new gaming account:

Play the eGames that Winstar has available

There is a direct link to eGames at the very top of the homepage, and by clicking through to this section, you will see that there are plenty of games available. Almost all of these games work as traditional video slot games, and of course, you can use your virtual chips to spin the reels as often as you like. What’s quite cool about this section is that a lot of the slot games are actually games that you can play at real money casinos, as seen with the likes of Starburst, Dead or Alive, Lotus Land, and Double Leopard.

Winstar Online Casino has different wagering conditions for each of these games too, and you can pick and choose these games according to the number of chips you have in your virtual balance. Not all of the games work the same way either, for you might get free spins, cascading reels, and even extra multipliers at some of the best games.

Experiment with video poker

Just to ensure that you are aware of the difference – video poker is not the same as real-life poker. Of course, in real poker, you are playing against a bunch of different players in an attempt to win the hand and build up the value of your chips. In video poker, you are presented with a set of cards on each new ‘turn’, and then you can choose to hold certain cards in an attempt to get rare combos, or you can choose to get an entirely new set. The virtual payouts on this game are dependent on what kind of card combinations you actually get, and it doesn’t cost you many virtual chips to get started either.

The site has 12 different video poker games for you to choose from right now, including games like Fever Aces, Jester Poker, and Jacks or Better.

Participate in ‘tourneys’

Winstar social casino promo code

This is by far the most competitive section of the Winstar Online Gaming site, as here you can get started in tournaments where you are going up against other players of the site. You will need to buy-in using your virtual chips for these tournaments, but then again, the rewards can be quite high, with virtual chips being handed out in their thousands for the tournament winners. These tournaments are held throughout the course of each day, and some of the key tournaments you can enter right now include Crazy Money, China Shores, and Carnival in Rio.

The cool thing about these tournaments is that the outcomes are often completely random, as the games operate as regular video slot games, where of course, the reels can be kind to some people, and not so much for others!

FAQs – Winstar online promo code

Are there other rewards I can claim besides the sign up offer?

Of course. Through the ‘promos’ link on the site, you will find that there are actually plenty of different bonuses on the table for existing players. Some of these rewards include free spins on the most popular slot games, refer-a-friend incentives, extra chips on a daily basis, and a handful of other incentives. Winstar Online Casino tends to create new and exciting bonuses on a weekly basis, so all you need to do is log in to check them out.

Is it safe to actually make purchases on the site?

Yes. Whenever you decide to purchase virtual chips on the Winstar Online Casino site, your transactions are completely protected through SSL encryption technology that is employed on the platform. This effectively shields the information that you enter.

Can I ever exchange my virtual chips for real rewards?

Absolutely. Just because the platform doesn’t deal with real money, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t real rewards. You can exchange your virtual chips for incentives such as restaurant tokens, tickets to high-profile shows, gift cards, and other rewards.