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PA Lottery’s Three Best Bonuses

  • First Deposit Match Bonus – 100% up to $250
  • Welcome to PA iLottery Bonus – $5 Free Bonus
  • Daily Promotions – different promo each day of the week

Creating an Account at PA Lottery and Getting the Welcome Bonus and other Promotions

  1. Click on the green sign up button on the top of the page.
  2. Fill out the extensive registration form.
  3. Don’t forget to fill out your Bonus Code.
  4. Click on “Submit,” verify your account, and start playing.

The sign up process can be done as long as the player is more than 18 years of age. The player also has to be located in the state of Pennsylvania. The site will actually verify the same by using the location services, which have to be given access during the signup process. If a player is using the mobile app, the location services have to be turned on every time the player wants to access the app. The same goes for the mobile site as well.

The information provided on the registration page queries from just the email address even the last four digits of the social security number. After providing the information, the player cannot simply log into the account and enjoy the titles. They have to supply the identification documents that will be verified shortly after. Only after completing these steps can a player enter into the site. During the registration process, an option to enter the PA lottery promo code is also available. This is completely optional and a player can decide to do away with the same, but they have to be aware that such a move will forfeit any potential bonuses that they stand likely to receive.

PA Lottery’s Current Bonuses and Their T&Cs

pa lottery first deposit bonus

eep in mind that PA Lottery also offers Daily Promotions, which can deliver more chances to win prizes. These bonuses are different for every week, so to be 100% certain that you’d get the correct details on the bonuses to check the PA Lottery website each week and keep yourself informed.

First Deposit Match Bonus – Get 100% up to $250

With the PA Lottery First Deposit Bonus, new customers get a 100% bonus on their first deposit made on the platform. The bonus can only go as high as $250, so even if your first deposit is $300, PA Lottery will only match you $250. Check the essential terms and conditions below:

  • Log in to your account, go to the “Cashier” page, and select your payment method.
  • Make the first deposit of at least $10 to qualify for the match bonus.
  • Once you receive your match, you will need to play through it ten times to be able to withdraw any winnings.

Welcome Offer – Receive $5 Bonus Cash

Signing Up to PA Lottery will earn you a $5 Bonus Money. You can get this bonus on any device (desktop, phone, or tablet) and play PA Lottery’s games from anywhere in the state of Pennsylvania. The specific terms you need to know are:

  • You will receive your $5 Bonus automatically in your account balance.
  • To withdraw any winnings, you need to play through your bonus one time.
  • You can play with the bonus funds on all games on the PA Lottery website.

Weekend Special – Different Offer Every Thursday

Every Thursday, you will get a special offer via e-mail. So, if you aren’t a subscriber, then go ahead and subscribe to their e-mail notifications. E-mail specials they have sent to customers in the past are:

  • 10 – 100% Deposit bonus
  • 50% Cashback on a game
  • $5 Free Bonus Money

Terms and conditions to the unique e-mail promotion:

  • If you aren’t subscribed, you can do it even before 5:00 am ET on Thursday.
  • You can change your e-mail settings from My Account->Contact Preferences or by contacting the Customer Support team.
  • Each Thursday you will receive a new promotion via e-mail and all the details about it will be explained there. You can see possible reward examples above.

Refer A Friend – You Get $50, Your Friend Gets $20

When you Refer your Friend to PA Lottery, you will get $50 Bonus once your friend completes the requirements. The referee will receive $20 Bonus. Here are the important terms and conditions:

  • Go to the PA Lottery Refer A Friend page and fill out the survey, so they know which person you referred to.
  • Get your friend to sign up with a unique bonus code, and they will receive a reward of $20.
  • Once your friend deposits at least $10 and plays it during the first thirty days of creating his account, you will get $50.

Daily Promotions by PA Lottery

pa lottery daily promotions

PA Lottery features exciting promotions for each day of the week. These promos frequently change, so to get the latest information, you will have to visit the PA Lottery website and view the current promotions. To give you an idea of what the promos would be like, we will describe a few examples of promotions that are currently posted on the website.

  • Mega Millions Tuesday – Play $2 on the game Mega Millions and receive $2 Bonus Money
  • Sunday Payout – Play $50 on Potion Payout and receive $5 Cashback up to $250
  • Friday Cash – Play $5 on Pennsylvania Keystone Cash and get $5 Bonus Money

*These daily promotions are only given as examples, and we can’t guarantee that they will be available on PA Lottery at the time you are reading this article.

Review of the Pennsylvania Lottery Games Section

A different selection of games is available for players who decide to sign up with PA Lottery. These include titles like draw games, Fast Play, and scratch offs. All these titles can be enjoyed from as low as a dollar, which makes them very attractive. Even before putting in the money, these games can be enjoyed in the demo mode so that players are able to learn more about the rules and prize tables associated with each option. PA Lottery is also known to occasionally come out with themed games at special times of the year. On a standard basis, these are the categories which will have a major impact in the time spent at PA Lottery:

Instant Win Games

These are the traditional type of lottery games that have made its way to the online segment in a big way. These can also be known as the online scratch-off titles and they function in a very similar way to the scratch off ticket that one would purchase traditionally at a retailer. The key objective of this game is to match prize amounts or symbols. This will help earn a prize depending on the match accuracy. Some of the instant win titles available at PA Lottery would be:

  • Big Eats Little
  • Cash and Conquer
  • Cash Out Cupcake
  • Double Your Luck
  • Money Night Football

Even though there are a substantial number of titles in the segment, certain games tend to be very popular amongst the users. They are:

  • Pennsylvania Payout
  • Monster Wins Reveal
  • Potion Payout
  • Fruit Towers

One can also come across the online version of a traditional scratch-off title that is found at retail locations of PA Lottery. At the moment, there are around 50 of these tickets which are available across the state like:

  • $5 $100,000 Wish List
  • $20 All the Money Millionaire Edition
  • $10 50X the Bucks
  • $20 Big Money Millionaire

Draw Games

The availability of draw games is certainly limited at PA Lottery as of now, but the quantity of titles is expected to slowly improve as the time goes on. For starters, there are options that would let players pick up Power Ball Power Play and Mega Millions. The four titles available are:

  • Cash4Life
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Power Ball Power Play
  • Mega Millions

In order to buy the tickets, a player has to be within Pennsylvania borders and above 18 years of age. In the past, these games did not offer the possibility of picking up a jackpot on a guaranteed basis. Now, the rules have changed and jackpot sizes are now given out before the draw takes place. The games are drawn two times a week and it is possible to bring in add-ons so that players can increase the likelihood of success. The Power Ball Power Play and Mega Millions are the most popular titles. In both these games, the player has to know that:

Mega Millions – The jackpot in the Mega Millions begins at $ 20 million and it continues to rise until it has been claimed. The potential for a huge jackpot is greater with Mega Millions, which is known to hit hundreds of millions before it is claimed. The ticket price for mega millions will be $2 each. A Megaplier option can be chosen and it would increase the ticket price to $3. This option adds a 5x multiplier to all wins apart from the jackpot.

Powerball with Power Play – This game also begins with a $20 million jackpot and can go to several hundred millions before it is claimed. Just like in the Mega Millions, a player can pick up options like the Power Play for an additional cost. The regular cost of the ticket will be $2 but with the additional option ticked, the price goes up to $3. This option comes with the advantage of adding a 10X multiplier to every prize apart from the jackpot.

Fast Play Games

There is a small quantity of Fast Play games that are designed to provide a good alternative for players who want some time away from the Instant Win or draw games. The Fast Play titles are very identical to the usual scratch-off games, but they do not come with the need to scratch. Some of the titles available in the segment are:

  • Lucky You
  • Gold Fish
  • Keystone Cash

There is a possibility that more Fast Play games could be included in the future.

Monitor Games

If a player wants to experience the speedy titles than the jackpots, they can opt for the fast draw lottery games. Some of the titles available in the segment would be Red Hot Keno and Neon Keno. This collection is likely to grow in the coming months. The draw for Keno games are made every four minutes throughout the week. A player has to match 10 numbers from the 20 that are drawn. This would classify a win. It is also likely that virtual sports games may be also brought into the picture in the near future. The player will be able to take part in simulated sporting events, which would take place every few minutes.

Key reasons for joining Pennsylvania online lottery

Pennsylvania Lottery has been a strong player in the industry since 1972. It has been providing a legal and viable option for Pennsylvania residents to purchase lottery tickets. At the same time, the entry of online gambling has brought about the need for an online version and Pennsylvania Lottery has been able to transform the same expertise from the retail segment to the online space. There are many reasons for considering a sign up at this platform. They would be:

Convenience – It is very convenient to open an account on the site. Rather than having to visit a retailer and do the process of ticket purchase, the account opening can be done from anywhere within Pennsylvania. It does not matter if the user is having a desktop or mobile site.

Ability to try out games – It is very easy to try the various games on offer. Pennsylvania Lottery offers the demo mode with most of the games. It can be used to experience the title before purchasing the ticket and this reduces the risk substantially.

Plenty of Bonuses – There are a strong list of bonuses that a player can get when they open an account with Pennsylvania Lottery. A regular player will also get access to ongoing promotional offers.

Security and safety – Pennsylvania Lottery has been able to transport many of the security features from its retail segment in the online space. There have also been many new additions that help players buy tickets with a lot of peace of mind.

More engaging – Online lottery has improved a lot in recent years and Pennsylvania Lottery takes advantage of the situation by providing an engaging gaming experience that is simply not possible at the retailer.

Flexibility of games – The process of wagering on different games can be fun but it can also become quite expensive when the player is at a retail destination. For someone using the online Pennsylvania Lottery space, the flexibility of games is tremendous as they can wager from just $0.01 and go to even $1 or more.

User Interface

The design of the PA Lottery is extremely simple. It is a breeze to navigate through the various menus on offer. The designers have taken a lot of care to make sure that there are not too many menus to confuse the user while trying to navigate through the different games. The display of games in the central section makes it easy to get an idea of the offerings within a few minutes. One of the few disadvantages when trying out the site would be the pop-ups that occur when navigating from one page to another. This can be quite an irritant factor.

Meanwhile, the games come with a pleasant look and there is enough in the way of animations to keep players hooked up for a decent time. The animations can appear to be quite basic compared to other online gaming destinations. The smoothness, though, comes to its fore when experiencing the games on mobile devices. The user interface also provides the option of muting sounds if a player wants to focus only on the gaming experience. There is also a full-screen mode for the titles. Overall, the experience of playing games at PA Lottery can be very positive and rewarding at the same time.

Customer Support Quality

If a player is having a problem with PA Lottery or they have basic queries regarding the site, they can use the support from the FAQ section for starters. The help centre has a decent variety of information regarding aspects like funding the account, managing the account, and more. If this help is not sufficient, players can use the three major options – live chat, telephone, and email – to get help from a member of the team. The live chat feature has limited availability at this moment, but it can be quite useful whenever it is available since the feature is very fast and responsive. The telephone is a straightforward option for those who want to talk to someone regarding the issues that they are facing with PA Lottery. Finally, the email is an option that can be used by players when they want to send documents over to the support staff in order to help in solving some issues. It is important that all these options are available throughout the day. This makes for a great engagement with the team irrespective of the time when the issue has cropped up.

Choice of Banking Options at PA Lottery

The importance of being able to add funds or take out funds without a lot of stress is very crucial. PA Lottery is to recognise this importance in a big way, as players get to experience a decent variety of banking options, which are very comfortable to deal with, in the deposit and withdrawal options. Both can be accessed by going into the account section after a login.

Deposits at PA Lottery

The deposits available at PA Lottery might be one of the best amongst its peers. It manages to bring together a mix of online bank transfer, e-wallets, and credit cards. The options available are:

  • Visa/MasterCard Debit Card
  • ACH (electronic check)
  • Visa/MasterCard/ Discover Credit Cards
  • PA Lottery Play+
  • PayNearMe
  • WebCash
  • PayPal (only personal accounts)

One should remember that they cannot be used if only the credit and debit cards are linked with a PayPal account. There must be a bank account that has been linked with the PayPal account order to use this payment option. There are some funding elements that have to be kept in mind when using any of these payment options. For example, the                PA Lottery Play+ option is only good enough for a maximum of $25,000. The credit cards can be used to deposit only a maximum of $1000 in a 24-hour period. The WebCash payment option supports only $1000 in a single transaction. There are no limits on other payment options.

Withdrawals at PA Lottery

Even though the number of deposit options is sizable, the same cannot be said about the withdrawal options provided to a player. They only have:

  • ACH (electronic check)
  • PayPal
  • PA Lottery Play+

Just like in the deposit section, there are limits that are applicable on these payment options. The ACH is the only choice that does not come with any limitations for the maximum amount that can be withdrawn using this option. The PayPal option can be used only for $10,000 while PA Lottery Play+ has a limitation of $25,000. Depending on the payment options that a player goes for, they may or may not have to supply documentation so that accounts can be verified.

The withdrawal section at an online lottery site works in a different way compared to a sportsbook or online casino. If a player has picked up wins of more than $600, they need to claim the wins by going to the nearest PA Lottery office. If the wins are more than $50,000, it has to be claimed by going to the PA Lottery headquarters. The above three methods can be used only if the wins are less than $600.

Mobile User Experience

There is an official from PA Lottery so that players can enjoy the games from anywhere inside Pennsylvania. The app can be downloaded for iOS and Android devices. Both are able to operate with a lot of smoothness. The experience is extremely pleasant considering that all titles provided by PA Lottery make it to the app, which also provides access to the VIP club account if required. A player will be able to use PA Lottery to check on the recent draws. The process of installation depends on the operating system in question.

Steps to get Android app for PA Lottery

The player will not be able to come across PA Lottery app on the list. Since Google restricts the games from being listed on the Play Store, players have to get the installation file from the official site. There is a LITE version of PA Lottery app which is available on the Play Store. However, it cannot be used to enjoy the online games. The full version can be experienced only from the official site. The steps involved would be:

  • Visit the official site
  • Download the APK file
  • Step into the ‘Security’ tab of the device settings
  • Allow installation from unknown sources
  • Step back to the installation file and click on the same to start the installation
  • Sign-in to the app and enjoy the games

Steps to get the iOS app for PA Lottery

If the user has an Apple device, they have a much more easy procedure for getting the app. The online lottery app can be downloaded and installed on an iPad or iPhone. The instructions are:

  • Visit the official PA Lottery site
  • Click on the iOS mobile apps icon
  • Players will be automatically redirected to the App Store
  • Click on the download and install button alongside the PA Lottery app
  • Sign-in to the app once the installation is complete

PA Lottery’s VIP Club

PA Lottery has an exclusive VIP club that will get you even more chances of receiving exciting promotions and more chances of winning. Everyone can be a member of the VIP Club, and for more details on how to join the club, you can contact customer support. If you are a member, you get certain perks such as Second Chance promotions where you can enter non-winning tickets for a chance to win a prize. Another perk of the VIP Club has customized winning numbers and e-mail/text alerts. VIP Club members also receive special offers and giveaways.

Being Part of the VIP club at PA Lottery

There is a special rewards program available at PA Lottery and it is known as the PA VIP Players Club. Since the iLottery is a relatively new phenomenon in the state, most of the advantages that a player would receive from the VIP program are oriented towards the traditional lottery section. The advantages of being part of the VIP Players Club will be the Coupons Code and Second Chance. A player will also get multiple offers on an exclusive basis. They will receive offers once they step into the VIP program.

Second Chance – This is a feature of PA Lottery that provides an opportunity for VIP members to get additional wins under their belt. They will be able to get qualifying tickets which can be used for second chance draws. One has to enter the code manually when they sign into the PA lottery app or website. The availability of new Second Chance titles are revealed every week.

Coupon Codes – Apart from the existing offers, a member who is part of the VIP program at PA Lottery will receive new codes that reduce the cost of playing the fast play, scratch off, and other titles. For example, a player will receive a coupon that will make it free to play scratch-off on a certain number of occasions. Such a coupon will be offered when a dollars purchase is offered. The coupons can be picked up in text or print, and they will come handy when trying to purchase a ticket from a retailer.

Apart from these advantages, a member who is part of the VIP program should also keep checking their emails, which is one of the primary avenues through which PA Lottery announces their special promotions. The player has to make sure that they have updated their email preferences in such a way that they receive these offers whenever they are available. Even if the player has opted for emails and has not been receiving the same, they should check for PA Lottery emails in the spam folder.

History of PA Lottery

The foundations of a great lottery experience in Pennsylvania began in 2017 when Gov Tom Wolffe approved a bill that made it possible to expand gambling operations in the state. Apart from making it possible to create mini casinos in the state, several new gaming options were also brought in. The gaming options like online casinos, daily fantasy sports, online poker, and video gaming terminals made it easy for gamers to experience online lottery in PA.

The official online lottery site for PA was launched in 2018. This is the only state lottery that donates all of the proceedings to the benefit of seniors. This is in accordance to the law, which states that 40% or more of the revenues generated by the state lottery has to go towards the prize pool with 27% or more of the revenues going to the public programs. Since the creation of lottery in Pennsylvania, more than $25 billion has gone to the senior citizen programs.

The state iLottery is not surprised by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. Instead, it is under the regulatory authority of PA House of Representatives’ Gaming Oversight Committee. This makes it a safe destination to gamble on a variety of games.

For knowing more about the first lottery that was held in the state, one has to go back to 1972 – a year after the General Assembly was created. The United States Department of Justice came up with a new legal interpretation of the sports betting law in December 2011. This was one of the initial impetus provided for online lotteries.

Pros & Cons

RTP figures are quite generousGame selection can be expanded
Instant deposits and quick withdrawalsInability to get ticket sales for real draws
Many games have returns as high as $250,000Inability to use MasterCard or Visa for withdrawal
Platform is user friendly

Frequently asked questions about PA Lottery

Is it legal to be part of PA Lottery?

Yes, PA Lottery is a legal site which is the official online version of the Pennsylvania State lottery.

What are the minimum age requirements to be part of the site?

The player who opens an account with PA Lottery has to be at least 18 years of age.

Is there a limitation on the number of times the user can take out cash winnings?

No, the player is free to make a withdrawal request to take out as much funds as they want.

What is the time taken for deposits?

Unless there are restrictions put forward by the payment option chosen by the user, the deposit transaction can be completed almost instantly.

What is the maximum wins that can be picked up?

PA Lottery happens to possess a relatively high quantity of wins. The payout can even go to $250,000 depending on the game. The jackpots, though, could result in more modest wins.

What is a PA Lottery bonus code?

PA Lottery bonus code is a code which is entered during signup and it is used to notify the site about the interest in receiving special promotional offers.

What happens if a user has not entered the promo code during signup?

It would be unfortunate if the user has not entered a promo code during the signup process. However, they can still try to claim the offer by getting in touch with the customer service if they are still eligible by meeting all the other conditions.

Is it necessary to provide documents for withdrawal?

Yes, some documents are required for completing withdrawal but this depends on the payment option. For PayPal and PayNearMe, there are no documents required. However, card payments and e-Check transfers will require documentation.

How important is location verification for accessing PA Lottery?

The process of location verification is very important to access the gaming options at PA Lottery. Due to the rules and regulations preventing players from outside Pennsylvania taking part in the gaming action, geolocation is verified at all times – mobile and desktop.

Can players forfeit a bonus?

Yes, a player can decide to forfeit a bonus by going into the accounts management section. Once the action has been done, it cannot be reversed.

Our PA Lottery Review: Recommended!

PA Lottery is very popular in the state of Pennsylvania, and they offer their customers many chances to receive additional rewards and make their games more interesting. Their promotions are unique and innovative. In addition to the regular welcome bonus and first deposit match promotions that are relatively common in all gaming operators, they added daily promotions to keep things interesting. Now each day, you can benefit from new promotions related to different games. If they keep things up like this, playing on PA Lottery will never get boring. We were pleased with what they have to offer on the Bonuses front and eagerly wait for their newest promotions. In other aspects, the PA Lottery also performs very well. Their available payment options suit Pennsylvanians perfectly, and they also have a wide variety of games available to play. PA Lottery releases new content in the form of games and promotions frequently, so their customers are satisfied. Overall, PA Lottery’s bonuses reflect well on their performance as an operator because it shows that they think about their customers and continually provides new ways to satisfy them.