Michigan Lottery vs PA Lottery

Michigan Lottery vs PA Lottery – check out a comprehensive comparison of these sites right here.

Welcome bonus: PA Lottery wins

The first thing to consider with any new online casino site is what you stand to get by signing up, and in this case, PA Lottery wins by a long way. You can find details of the bonus for each online site below, and we’ve also explained the terms associated with this welcome bonus.

Michigan Lottery – 4/5

Once you sign up to the Michigan Lottery site, you will automatically be eligible for a 50% first deposit bonus of up to $100. Of course, to get the full amount you must make a deposit of $200, which is quite a large deposit to make right off the bat. This is the only reason that we have given them 4 out of 5, as it is a bit of a steep figure to deposit initially.

You can deposit any amount between $10 and $200 to qualify for this promotion, which is a reasonable range. In addition to this, you can enjoy some free games on one of the site’s popular games, Treetop Treasures. There are no wagering requirements shown for this bonus either, which is particularly appealing.

PA Lottery – 5/5

PA Lottery already has a small advantage here, as they have a no deposit bonus. Unlike Michigan Lottery where you can get $100 in free cash following a deposit, PA Lottery only gives you $5! This may seem low, and to be honest, the only real advantage here is that you don’t need to deposit anything at all to get this $5.

Still, $5 is $5. However, we then did a little more digging, as surely the site wouldn’t just give $5 as their sole welcome offer? Our digging was rewarded, as we discovered that you can also get a 100% match on your initial deposit, which extends all the way up to $250.

You can use this on any of the games that PA Lottery has available, but the initial $5 isn’t going to go very far on any of their games. This will give you a few minutes of gaming enjoyment at most, and on top of this, there is a 1x playthrough requirement. You still have the $250 in bonus cash at your disposal however, if you get the maximum deposit boost, so all is not lost!

Games & Slots Available

Since each of these platforms are an independent site, they inevitably have a different selection of games and the performance/quality of these games can vary greatly. This being said, we’ve analyzed each of the available sections on the respective sites, and given a quick review for each.


Michigan Lottery – 2/5

After scrolling through this site for a reasonable length of time, we didn’t stumble across anything that resembles a traditional online slot game. They have games that are slot themed, but none of them function as a traditional video slot would. Most of them appear to follow more of a Keno and Bingo format, which was quite disappointing.

PA Lottery – 3/5

In contrast to Michigan Lottery, PA Lottery has quite a few games that do resemble video slots, however, again, they don’t function in the traditional way. Rather than choosing your stake and spinning the reels, some games such as Super Gems work by choosing your stake then watching as the gems fall from above and fill up the screen.


Michigan Lottery – 2/5

This platform actually has just one specific Bingo game available, which is Bubble Bingo. The entry requirements are very reasonable, however, as you can participate in this game for just $0.25 at the minimum, although you can buy more tickets by spending up to $5. The maximum prize from this game is $50,000, and the gameplay is quite pleasant.

PA Lottery – 3/5

Just like Michigan Lottery, PA Lottery has just the one Bingo game available. This game is Ballroom Bingo, and you can actually play this game for free if you like, just to have some fun in a safe environment. Through this game, you can win up to $5,000, which is reasonable, but it’s clearly lower than the jackpot you can get with Michigan Lottery.

There is an extra element to playing Bingo with PA Lottery, and that is the fact they actually have a number of Slingo games for you to play. These games consist of a 75-ball bingo game but the numbers are selected in more of a video slot format. They have a good selection of these games available, and we enjoyed games like Big Money Slingo and regular Slingo the most.

Bonus for existing players: PA Lottery wins

We thought long and hard about who to give the victory to here, but ultimately, we felt that PA Lottery deserved to get the title. You can find out the reasons behind this decision by reading the details below.

Michigan Lottery – 4/5

Michigan Lottery has a fair range of reload offers for their existing customers, and to be honest, we weren’t expecting such a range. The best promotion in our opinion is the daily spin and win, which gives you the chance to spin a prize wheel each and every day, completely free of charge. They are actually giving away $5,000 in cash each and every month, which isn’t bad at all.

On top of this, they have several other ongoing promotions including monthly giveaways, free tournament entries, as well as many online coupons.

PA Lottery – 5/5

We’ve decided to give PA Lottery full marks for this category for two main reasons. Firstly, the reload offers are more predictable and more scheduled than those with Michigan Lottery. Secondly, they have the added bonus of a refer a friend program in place, as well as a designated reload offer for every day of the week.

These offers seem to be largely based around cashback incentives, but there are also bonuses for scratchcards and even exclusive email offers that are sent out on weekends. It’s really good to see that they have a consistent schedule in place for existing customers, and there aren’t many other sites that provide this level of service.

Best Casinos: Additional features

User Experience – PA Lottery wins

After running through many different features and assessing how each site performs overall, we have chosen to award PA Lottery with the win for user experience. We just had the feeling that more care and attention had gone into this site than with Michigan Lottery, and we’ve justified this choice here.

Michigan Lottery – 3/5

There are two main reasons why we decided to give Michigan Lottery this grade out of 5. It becomes apparent after you have used the platform for a few minutes that the development isn’t fantastic. The site can be slow to respond and the visuals aren’t exactly great, but we can often give a site a pass on this if the games and other areas are up to scratch.

However, while the games are presented in a simple format from the main section, it’s quite difficult to filter through the games. They have tried to put far too many filters in place, rather than just keeping things simple and being able to filter by gaming category.

PA Lottery – 4/5

We found the PA Lottery site to be much easier to navigate, and being able to filter through their range of games was much simpler. In addition, we felt that the gaming graphics were generally better than Michigan Lottery, and that the site was much more responsive to commands.

This is true whether we were just flicking between the gaming categories, loading up any particular games, or actually playing the games themselves. The site does feel that much more professional than Michigan Lottery, which is why we have graded them this way.

Mobile Application – Michigan Lottery wins

This is a complete contrast from the previous category we know, but let us say, Michigan Lottery has invested both time and effort in putting their app together. We didn’t really expect this to be the case given how the desktop site performs, but hey, you can never make assumptions in this game! Check out our brief review of each sites mobile app below:

Michigan Lottery – 5/5

Besides having developed a professional app that can be accessed on both iOS and Android devices, Michigan Lottery has put many key features into this app which makes it stand out. You can actually scan physical lottery tickets that were purchased off-site for a start, but the features don’t end there.

You can watch Keno draws unfold in real-time, purchase tickets for Powerball and Mega Millions, and play the full catalog of online games right from the app. You can even make quick deposits to get stuck into the online action even quicker, which is a nice touch.

PA Lottery – 4/5

This was a very difficult decision, as we truly felt that the mobile app with PA Lottery was very good indeed. There’s just one reason really for why we haven’t given them full marks, and that is because we didn’t think that the layout of the app was fantastic. They’ve still implemented many desirable features into the app, but felt that it appeared somewhat crowded.

This meant that it was more difficult to browse through games and find a section that you were looking for. They’ve still got the condensed list button in the top left, but we’d like to see the layout chance to improve on the overall user experience.

Pros & Cons


Michigan Lottery

PA Lottery





Good welcome bonus

No video slots

Has a mobile app with all games available

No video slots on offer

Solid range of gaming categories

Limited number of games

Graphics for the games are good

No live casino games

High payouts

Site development needs work

Site is visually appealing

Low welcome offer

Mobile app available for Android and iOS

Quite a slow site in general

Mobile app is very responsive

Not a huge selection of payment methods


Best Casinos: PA Lottery Takes the Victory

After conducting an extremely thorough review of each of these platforms, we would recommend choosing PA Lottery over Michigan Lottery. Please don’t misunderstand – both of these platforms are quite reputable and offer their own unique features, but we felt that PA Lottery provided the best gaming range as well as the best user experience.

Firstly, we have to address the gaming range on these sites. PA Lottery has more available games in general, and the graphics were better, although Michigan Lottery had games with higher payouts on the whole. As we all know, however, there is an extremely small percentage of people who are going to hit these jackpots, so we can’t base our assumptions on jackpot amounts alone.

Now that we’ve ironed out the reasons surrounding the gaming categories, we must also explain the user-experience justifications. In our opinion, PA Lottery has a much more professional desktop site than Michigan Lottery, and the navigation links that they have in place are much simpler to follow. This is especially true for when you are trying to find any specific gaming categories or titles, as Michigan Lottery seems to have over complicated that whole process.

Finally, we love to see it when a site maintains reload promotions for its members. All too often we see online gaming sites where there is a good welcome offer, and then the existing customers are just completely forgotten about. Both sites have done a good job with this actually, but PA Lottery has a more consistent and generally more appealing range of these promotions.

Michigan Lottery is obviously quite good in several other categories that we’ve reviewed, such as the mobile gaming experience and the welcome offer. However, after conducting our complete review, we’d have to give PA Lottery the green light as a preferred betting site over Michigan Lottery.